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Compilations of Unique ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Halloween Costumes

Posted by Vince Dough on

I believe no one will disagree with me if I say Freddy Krueger has been one of the most commonly cosplayed characters on Halloween. In fact up to this day, you don’t have to look very hard to find oodles of sweaters, masks, and razor gloves. But some fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise aren’t content with simply being Freddy…

Here are some of the most unique costumes I find in the web so far:

Debbie Stevens (Dream Master) – Debi Olroyd

Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch! (Dream Warriors) – Genevieve Gaudet

Witch Freddy (Freddy’s Dead) – Kelvin Cruz

Jesse Walsh (Freddy’s Revenge) – Lee Howard

So which one do you like most? :-) If you are a Horror Nights Movie Villains - Scariest Halloween Ever fan, there’s nothing better for your home or office than a unique piece of poster art.