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5 Things To Expect In Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones

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Just like any other Game of Thrones fanatic, I am also dreading for the next episodes to be shot, edited and released. As we all know, there are only 13 episodes left in the entire story, thus Season 7 only have 7 episodes airing in 2017. 

Here are collections of what to expect in Season 7, a combination of ones that are obvious along with the ones that are most plausible. 

5 - Daenerys Does NOT Sit On The Iron Throne

Remember that vision Daenerys had in the House of the Undying in Season 2? She walks in the Throne room at the Red Keep in Winter, which appears to have been burnt down. As she walks towards the throne, she tends her hand towards it, almost reaching it, but never touching it, just before being distracted by the sound of her captured baby dragons.

Many speculations point towards the symbolism of that small scene where she will get close to the throne, but will never grasp it, never sit on it, never rule the Seven Kingdoms which she has been set on taking back since the entire story started.

4 - Jorah Looks (Maybe Finds) A Cure For His Grayscale

The one place we’re likely to see again in Season 7 for Jorah to go and try to get healed is most likely Qarth! The entire storyline had been completely changed from its book counterpart. For one, Daenerys never met nor discussed with Quaithe, only Jorah. Her words to him, as she was tattooing/marking someone in Qarth were: “This man must sail past Old Valyria. All who travel too close to the Doom must have protection”. She was preparing the man to head through Valyria safely, most likely to immunize him from Grayscale. Jorah might remember those words, and go there to seek a cure for the disease before it consumes him.

3 - Sansa Is Pregnant With Ramsey’s Child

Two hints in Season 6 are pointing towards that. After she escapes Winterfell and confronts Littlefinger in Mole Town, Sansa describes the horror she suffered at the hands of Ramsey Bolton while married to him. She specifically said: “I can still feel what he did to my body standing here right now”. When she confronts a captive Ramsey after the Battle of the Bastards, his words to her are: “You can’t kill me. I am part of you now”.

2 - Littlefinger Turns Sansa Against Jon 

Sansa and Jon already had a few arguments since their reunion in Season 6, particularly before the Battle of the Bastards. Sansa might feel, given her time and experience in Kings Landing, and under Littlefinger’s care, that she is more proficient to Politics than Jon, more proficient at War, could ever be. This could result in either a Northern Civil War, with some Houses rooting for Jon, others for Sansa, or worse.

1 - Gendry And Arya Reunite

With Stannis now confirmed dead, House Baratheon is, as far as the other noble houses in Westeros look at it, extinct. Gendry had been made aware of his heritage when he was Stannis’ captive in season 3. Davos chose to not have the boy sacrificed by Melisandre and set him free. 

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